Our extra virgin olive oil


On the rolling green hills in front of Assisi, we have about 300 olive trees, most of them over 100 years old and are the source of a precious oil. Raising olive trees is a laborious task we do with love and passion. We believe in continuing our ancestors tradition as these trees were pillars of the agricultural society and our family depended on it for their livelihood. We are very proud of our orchard and develop our olive oil with passion, our aim is for quality over quantity. We believe in staying true to our ancestors time and we will never modernize the process of harvesting olives, this ritual is always done by hand. Nets are placed on the grounds, then, by using a comb or by hand, the olives are allowed to drop into the net. Olives are picked when they are not completely black and ripe and are crushed the day after harvest to avoid fermentation.The oil is extracted by cold press: this guarantees quality.Our olive oil has a distinct and strong flavor, from the fresh grass and olives, there is a spicy after-taste with hints of artichoke and almond.Our olive oil is sold in 750ml bottles perfect for a gift or to take home, we also supply our olive oil in larger 2, 3 and 5 liter cans. We ship everywhere, both in Italy and abroad.