Assisi is 10 km away. We suggest you visit the Basilica of St. Francis decorated by the greatest painters of the 13th and 14th centuries: Cimabue, Giotto, Simone Martini and Piero Lorenzetti, the Cathedral of St. Rufino where St. Francis was baptized, with its Romanesque facade dating from the 16th century , the Hermitage where St. Francis retired to pray and meditate.


The nearest centre, Cannara, has ancient origins. Its name comes from the reed (canna in Italian) which was abundant in that marshy land.
We suggest you visit the townhall to see the Roman remains, the church of St. Biagio which dates back to twelve century with its beautiful Romanesque front and Gothic vault, the church of St. Francis with a painting by Nicolò Alunno and the church of Bona Mortem where, according to tradition, St. Francis founded the Third Order.
The Corpus Christi floral decorations are the chef-d’oeuvre of Cannara’s artistic creativeness. The people of Cannara make carpets of fresh and dried flowers representing religious or secular themes or ornamental motifs along the streets of the city. People come from far and wide to see them.

The hamlet of Collemancio seats on a hilltop and has only one hundred inhabitants. It’s a picturesque village surrounded by walls and towers in a good state of preservation. On the hill you can see the ruins of the ancient Roman municipium of Urbinum Hortense.


Spello, is a little town of Roman origin not far from our house.The Cathedral of Santa Maria Maggiore (XIIIth century) displays some of Pinturicchio’s famous frescoes.
Park your car, take care to wear comfortable shoes and explore the well-preserved lanes of Spello. Spello is as famous as Cannara or even more for its floral decorations.


Five minutes’ drive away is Bevagna, the ancient Roman Mevania, rich in historic remains. Do not miss the fair of the “Gaite”, a faithful re-creation of daily life in the Middle Ages along the evocative lanes and corners of the four wards of the town.


Montefalco rises on the top of a hill surrounded by a beautiful countryside and vineyards which produce excellent wines.
Wine is very cheap here,often less than you pay for mineral water in your country.
There are also an amazing number of excellent restaurants in the area, at prices less than half what you would pay in England or America.